Delicious Tamales is proud to be a family oriented company. We believe that family is what make the moments we experience in life the most enjoyable. So we consider YOU, our customers, as family. Take a look at our extend families and their comments. 

Clean, authentic, and fresh, "MADE TO ORDER," Mexican foods.

The taste for the most Delicious Tamales we can provide you begins with the selection of the finest local ingredients that Texas has to offer.  We specially select and prepare the meats from local suppliers, identify the freshest corn for grinding masa, and ensure that our spices are quality checked.


Our Proccess

     Hi and thank you for visiting my website. It is an honor to have received   your attention. I would like to welcome you to my website and hopefully, to   my new kitchen, "Racheal's". You will be glad to know that at Racheal's,   not only do we serve fresh foods but, we   also serve a peaceful environment   to enjoy it in. I have been cooking   since the age of 14 starting with church   events, then for my children   as well, and as co-owner and chef of Delicious   Tamales, Lopez Family Brand for 20+ years. Now, I am sole owner of Racheal's   and I happily welcome you to it. 

‚Äč                                                              Very Respectfully and God Bless,

                                                                                               Racheal                                                                                                        Owner  

The process for getting Delicious Tamales to your lunch and dinner tables begins long before the sun rises over San Antonio, TX. Everyday fresh ingredients are ground, mixed, and steamed together, by our Chef/Owner Mr. Ricardo Lopez.

Tamales aren't the only thing Delicious Tamales is proud to serve. In our stores we are happy to offer the freshest Barbacoa, Tortillas, Buneulos, Rice, Beans and Grandma Lopez's Salsa. Take a look at what each store offers.